Fifth Angel

Fifth Angel

Booking contact: HEIKO KRUMPHOLZ


Kendall Bechtel – Guitar & Lead Vocals

John Macko – Bass

Ken Mary – Drums & Backing Vocals






The Seattle music scene in the mid 1980’s was a breeding ground of exceptional talent. “Heavy metal” was a new wave of music that was beginning to sweep the globe, and FIFTH ANGELwas one of the forefathers of the legendary Seattle music scene that also produced iconic bands such as QUEENSRYCHEand METAL CHURCH. 

In 1984, high school friends Ted Pilot(vocalist) and Ed Archer(guitarist) teamed up with lead guitarist James Byrd. They filled out the lineup with drummer Ken Mary(ALICE COOPER, HOUSE OF LORDS) and bassist John Macko. Inspired by the success of QUEENSRYCHE, who shunned playing clubs for the sake of writing, recording and releasing their own music independently,FIFTH ANGELfollowed a similar path. Concentrating on honing their writing and recording skills, FIFTH ANGELcrafted the incredible debut album »Fifth Angel«. This recording was initially an independent release funded and produced by the band, and co-produced by the famed Terry Date. (»Fifth Angel«was Date’s first ever production, and Datelater went on to produce platinum artists such as PANTERA, SOUNDGARDEN, WHITE ZOMBIE, and THE DEFTONES). The album was first released in Europe through a fledgling label named RoadRunner Recordsbased in the Netherlands, and instantly became a cult classic in the European metal community. (RoadRunner Recordsis currently one of the largest rock labels in the world, with bands such as SLIPKNOTand NICKELBACK). Epic Recordsin New York City caught wind of the band, and were so impressed with »Fifth Angel«they signed the band to a seven album, $21 million dollar deal. Re-mastering the original independent recording and re-releasing the album, Epicintroduced FIFTH ANGELonto the worldwide stage in 1988. The band received rave reviews, and was touted in the press as the “next big thing” in all the major metal magazines of the day, including Hit Parader, Kerrang!, RIP, Metal Edge, Metal Forcesand many others.

Kerrang!went as far as attaching a flexidisc of the band’s music onto their cover and giving the center fold out of the magazine to the band. During this same time period, Ken Marywas covering the drumming duties with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Alice Cooperon the »Constrictor«and »Raise Your Fist and Yell«tours. While on these world tours with Alice, Kenpromoted FIFTH ANGELin both press and radio interviews, which gave some additional momentum to the release.

The band entered the studio once again in late 1988, this time with producer Terry Brown(RUSH), and Epicreleased»Time Will Tell«in August of 1989. “Time Will Tell” saw the departure of lead guitarist James Byrd, and the introduction of guitar prodigy Kendall Bechtel. The video for »Time Will Tell«was released from the album and went into rotation on MTV, and the track »Midnight Love«became the theme song for shock jock Howard Stern’s #1 ranked radio show for over four years.  However, the winds of change were beginning to stir over the music industry and when grunge music hit hard in the early 90’s, (ironically based out of Seattle as well), FIFTH ANGELdisbanded. 

But that’s not the end of the story…

In 2010, some 22 years after the Epic release of »Fifth Angel«”, the band was asked to headline the Keep It Truefestival in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. Gathering many of the core members and adding Heir Apparent vocalist Peter Orullian, (Ted Pilotis now an endodontist practicing in Seattle and was not able to sing for the reunion), the band prepared a blistering set of songs from the first two albums. The reception was incredible, with the sold out crowd singing the lyrics to every song FIFTH ANGEL again headlined the sold out 2017 Keep It Truefestival as well, and this positive momentum planted the seeds for a new album. Jaap Wagemakerfrom Nuclear Blast Records, one of the most successful metal labels of all time, listened to a couple of demos Kendall Bechtelhad been working on and expressed interest in hearing more. A few of the members began writing and recording together, and the collective enthusiasm was very strong over the music that was being created. Nuclear Blastsigned the band to a new record contract based on a three song demo that was submitted. 

FIFTH ANGELrecently put the finishing touches on their first new album in almost 30 years »The Third Secret«, which will be released on October 26, 2018. The album features the incredible talents of guitarist and lead vocalist Kendall Bechtel, bassist John Mackoand drummer and backing vocalist Ken Mary. Says bassist John Macko, “When we began this process, we always were mindful to write songs that moved us as a band first. We felt that if we achieved that, then the music will most likely touch our fans as well.” Adds lead vocalist and guitarist Kendall Bechtel, “We are very proud of the new album! We hope the fans will hear the classic threads of the FIFTH ANGEL they know and love, along with the growth and maturity the individuals of the band have gone through over the years. We hope they love the new songs as much as we do!”

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